Launching & Naming Ceremony

NBK attended Launching & Naming Ceremony of a new patrol boat for Palau on the 18th of Sep. in Hiroshima. The boat is 40m long, now being built by Kegoya Dock Co., Ltd. and named “PSS KEDAM” by the President of Palau H.E. Tommy E. Remengesau. It is heading to Palau in Dec. 2017.


Train the Trainer Training (TTT) in GUAM

In the middle of August, NBK carried out a training programme for salespeople of the Mazda distributor in Guam and Saipan. 
NBK provided information and demonstrated the ideas of how to approach customers in order to give them what Mazda craftsmanship. To do so, NBK carried out lectures, test drives and roll play exercises. There were also lively discussions during the programme. 
After the training, NBK has received good comments and feedbacks from salespeople and the distributor, moreover, NBK were requested to carry out the training again.






-テストドライブ/Test drives –



-セールスデモンストレーション/Roll play exercises –


-集合写真/Group photographs-



Completion of JICA Follow Up Project in Palau

We have completed JICA Follow Up Project. The project is to follow up Palau International Coral Reef Center’s Construction Project in 1999. NBK replaced the equipment and restored the facilities of Palau International Coral Reef Center.


「サイパンにて店頭試食販売イベント/ Promotion Event in Saipan」

7月14、15日にジョーテンストア Hafa Adai、 Susupe店にて68周年記念イベントとして試食販売会を協賛各社様と共に開催しました。

On July14th&15th, NBK staff, supporting companies and Joeten staff made “Japanese food promotion for Joeten’s 68th Anniversary” in Saipan.
The new Joeten’s Private Brand “Sumire rice” also got good reputation for customers.

-キッコーマン㈱/ Kikkoman Corporation-

-㈱ギンビス/ GINBIS Co., Ltd.-

-㈱桃屋/ MOMOYA Corporation-

-月桂冠㈱/ Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd.-

-㈱でん六/ Denroku Corporation-

-森永製菓㈱/ Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.-

-ヱスビー食品㈱/ S&B Foods Inc.-



JICAマーシャル諸島共和国廃潤滑油のディーゼル燃料化 第一次案件化調査実施

2017年 6月13日より25日までJICAの廃油処理装置案件化調査にて、エイコーエコスパ社、コンサルのアンジェロセックとともに、第一次案件化調査を実施。 少なくともマジュロで2,270 KL、イバイで125KLの廃油が処理できずにタンク内に備蓄されている状況を確認。サンプルを採取し、日本で試験を行い、7月30日から8月15日までの、第二次調査では現地廃油に適合した実験機材を持込み、処理実験を行う。

NBK joined 1st mission of JICA’s feasibility survey team for “Making Diesel Fuel From Waste Lubricating Oil” visited the Marshall Islands from June 13th to 25th and found out 600,000gals in Majuro and 33,000gals in Ebeye Waste Oil stocked in a huge fuel tanks without any future disposal solution plans 2nd mission will be visiting Majuro/Ebeye again from July 30th to August 15th to test the actual waste oil with experimental equipment and turned into diesel oil.



南洋貿易は神奈川県ラグビー協会と共にトンガ王国ラグビーボール寄贈プロジェクトを支援し、6月6日にトンガ大使館にて行われました目録贈呈式に参加しました。 神奈川県内のラグビースクールの皆様より寄贈していただいたラグビーボールは、新品ボール25個を含め、260個ものボールが集まりました。 今後このボールがトンガ王国全土の学校やクラブチームで使用されることになります。


NBK Corporation supported the Rugby Ball Donation Project to the Kingdom of Tonga together with the Kanagawa Rugby Foot Ball Union and attended the presentation ceremony held at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga on May 6th, 2017.  We supported transportation of the balls from Japan to Tonga.  Total 260 rugby balls including 25 brand new balls were donated by rugby schools in Kanagawa prefecture. Those balls will be used by rugby players belonging to schools and club teams throughout Tonga.






We had a meeting for a new canned item project with Mitsubishi Corporation, after Thai Union Group’s factory tour, on May 30th, 2017.



パプアニューギニア向けノン・プロ一般無償供与(Provided Hitachi excavator & wheel loader for P.N.G. under Japan Grant Aid) 

日本国際協力システム(JICS)の一般無償供与案件でパプアニューギニア向けに 日立建機製エクスキャベーター6台及びホイールローダー3台を供与し、納品にあたり2017年2月21日~24日と4月20日~21日の二回に分け機器操作トレーニングを実施致しました。   

NBK provided Hitachi’s 6 excavators and 3 wheel loaders for Department of Works in  Papua New Guinea under Japan Grant Aid conducted by Japan International Corporation System(JICS).  NBK and Hitachi had the operational trainings for  Department of Works during 21-22 of Feb. and 20-21 of April, 2017.   


Handover ceremony of new patrol boat in Palau パラオ向け巡視艇引渡し式



On April 25th, 2017, NBK attended the official Handover Ceremony of new patrol boat, EUATEL held by the Government of Republic of Palau. As we reported previously, this boat was donated by the Nippon Foundation and the Japan Association of Marine Safety in March 2017.


サイパン マリア観音像 新規プレート装着

NBKはサイパンのマーピ(通称 スーサイドクリフ)のマリア観音像に 新たなプレートを寄贈し、4月18日に据付しました。 装着は現地のConstruction and Material Supply Inc.によって施工されました。 本年は観音像建立45周年に当たるため、この改修を実施いたしました。


NBK donated a new plate for “Statue of Maria Kannon” in Marpi, Saipan on April 18th 2017. The Fixture was done by Construction and Material Supply Inc. This renovation will take place for 2017 since this is 45th Anniversary of the Statue.

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