2017.11.01 JICAマーシャル諸島共和国廃潤滑油の ディーゼル燃料化 案件化調査実施

第一次調査にて、マジュロで2,270 KL、イバイで125KLの廃油が処理できずにタンク内に備蓄されている状況を確認、続く第二次調査では、現地廃油に適合した実験機材を持込み、処理実験を実施しました。その後、最終の第三次調査にて、現地のカウンターパートである天然資源商業省、TOBOLARコプラ加工公社との間で、来年公募される「普及実証事業」に向けた覚書(MOU)を締結しました。


Completion of the Feasibility Survey for Making Diesel Fuel from Waste Lubricating Oil

We, NBK Corporation, has completed the JICA’s feasibility survey for Making Diesel Fuel from Waste Lubricating Oil with EICOH-ECOSPA Corporation and INGÉROSEC Corporation in November 2017.

The first survey detected a large amount of waste oil in fuel tanks, 600,000gals in Majuro and 33,000gals in Ebeye respectively, however, there was no any practicable disposal solution plan. As the secondary research, a test research was implemented with experimental equipment, turning the actual waste oil into diesel one. Throughout those two surveys, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce, and TOBOLAR Coconut Processing Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding to prepare for a verification survey scheduled next year for the installation of actual Equipment in the TOBOLAR Factory in Delap.