セントルシア向けに建設関連機材供給完了/ Successful Completion of Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid for the Provision of Japanese SME’s Products in St. Lucia



We, NBK Corporation, are pleased to announce that Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid for the Provision of Japanese SME’s Products, Grant Aid by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has been successfully completed in March 2018.
St. Lucia is one of Small Island Developing States and has been frequently affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, resulting in damages on its infrastructure system. The government of St. Lucia has been actively engaging in the restoration from the natural disasters, employment creation, and economic issues, such as debt reduction, job creation, and austerity.
The products procured through this project have been introduced in local community colleges and vocation schools, contributing to the improvement of the local education services.


パラオでの引渡式業務完了 NBK has finished the Handover Ceremony of The Nippon Foundation’s Support for Enhancing of the Coast Guard Capabilities in Palau on February 13, 2018

On Febuary13, 2018, NBK has undertook the work on the Handover Ceremony of the government office building, pier and the patrol boat under The Nippon Foundation’s Support for Enhancing of the Coast Guard Capabilities in Koror, Palau. We are pleased to be part of this project and thank you for your continuous support.


ソロモン諸島国ギゾ病院再建計画フォローアップ協力向け機材供給案件を受注/ Conclusion of a contract: Follow-up Project for the Reconstruction of Gizo Hospital

南洋貿易株式会社(NBK)は、独立行政法人 国際協力機構(JICA)「ソロモン諸島国ギゾ病院再建計画フォローアップ協力向け機材」を受注しました。本案件は、2009年ギゾ病院再建計画案件のフォローアップ案件で、2018年6月同病院に納品予定です。調達されるスペアパーツは、当時NBKが納入した医療機器の修理のために活用されます。ギゾは離島という地域柄、スペアパーツの調達が難しいため、ギゾ病院及び保健省からの強い要望により実現しました。本案件により、医療機器の安全と質の確保を目指し、現地の医療サービスの向上に貢献します。
NBK Corporation has been awarded the contract of “Follow-up Project for the Reconstruction of Gizo Hospital” on January 19th, 2018 with Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). New spare parts will be procured to the hospital in June, 2018 and utilized to repair the existing medical equipment, which was procured by NBK through the Reconstruction project in 2009. Whilst medical equipment requires maintaining the standard of reliability and safety, in Solomon Islands the purchase load of new equipment is a heavy financial burden. The follow up project will aim to ensure its stable quality and secured safety as well as an improvement of local medical services.


カリコム外交官歓迎レセプションへの参加 NBK attended the CARICOM diplomats welcoming reception on January 23, 2018


On January 23, 2018, NBK joined a “Juntos! Young Diplomats and Government Officials for CARICOM Member States” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We exchanged our views and information on the present and future of all CARICOM countries including Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and from CARICOM secretariat.


トンガ王国向け風力発電所整備計画案件を受注 Wind Power Generation System in Tonga

南洋貿易株式会社(NBK)は、独立行政法人 国際協力機構(JICA)「トンガ王国向け風力発電所整備計画案件」を受注しました。本案件では風力発電設備及び系統安定化施設の整備を行うことにより、同国の再生可能エネルギーの利用促進、エネルギー安定供給への寄与を目指しております。


NBK Corporation made a contract with Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) under “The Project for Installation of Wind Power Generation System (Lot 2)” on January 26th, 2018. New wind turbine and grid stabilization system will be procured and installed in Tonga through the Project. Installation and Construction of new equipment will accelerate to use more renewable energy and contribute to stable energy supply in Tonga.
We expect that all of the work will be completed in the end of April,2019.


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